May 9, 2013

Today we wanted to quickly update everyone on three new exciting features we’re introducing in our 2.1 release (as well as dozens of other enhancements and additions) – TimeOut messages, Stickers, and in chat animations

TimeOut Messages

We’re always interested to give users more control over everything. So how you share your photo’s seemed like a good place to start. With the new TimeOut photo messages in this recent release, users can now share photos that will disappear after 10 seconds. We’ve had tons of fun sharing TimeOuts, grabbing people’s attention, sharing funny shots, or personal moments.


Now with 48 custom stickers, we’ve really pimped out our most popular emoji characters. Now you can chat with more than just words, as our expressive stickers perfectly capture the moment.


Cute emoji and crazy stickers are great, but we really wanted to push the envelope with how creative you could get in Chat. So we’ve taken our fun characters and turn them into full screen animations you can share with friends.

Other Enhancements

We received tons of feedback from users in group chat’s that while custom sounds were great, more user control over when you hear them would be something to improve. As such we’ve included an “OFF Alert sounds” option in the info page for all chats.

Another area we looked at was general navigation and multi-tasking. Users can now navigate through the app and even begin a chat while on a voice call. We also added a media gallery for chatrooms so you can view all the photos shared from a specific conversation and be able to share them out to your other social pages like Facebook and Twitter. There are tons of other enhancements included in this new version so UPGRADE now and check them out on GOOGLE PLAY and iTUNES.
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